Wise Minds: The energy transition and large utilities

Author: Will Dawson and Ian Watt

Date: 21/11/2017

The UK energy system is in flux. It is changing more quickly – and more fundamentally – than at any point since the Industrial Revolution.


Since 2008, European utilities have lost over €100 billion in value. New players and new business models have started to gain traction, and technological change – not only from within the energy sector, but from outside too – promises a future much different from today.


This report sets out fresh insight into the factors at play. Drawing on in-depth discussions with six ‘Wise Minds’ – senior industry and political leaders who have recently left the established energy sector – the report outlines what these experts see as driving the energy transition, how the system is changing, and what these changes mean for the large utilities that currently dominate the sector.


It calls on the Big Six energy companies to embrace what we’re calling the ‘3D energy transition’ to decarbonised, decentralised and democratised energy (as epitomised by community energy).