Economist Education Poem

Author: FPF

Date: 21/07/2021

Do you care
about life in the oceans, the quality of air
about local communities
and equal opportunities
about our history, local and worldwide,
the global south and western divide.


How the production
distribution and consumption
of goods and services
guides liberals and conservatives
to implement ideologies.


Or how advanced technologies
will help whole societies
address inequalities
of wealth
and health
from inner space
to cyberspace?


If you said yes, to any of this…
then you’re on your way, to being an economist.


You might be surprised
because in your eyes
it’s just numbers and graphs
and too much maths
and boring old men.


So you’ll be surprised again
to find this…..
is a real economist.
And her and him and them… and you
can be a real economist too…


It’s time for change
to break the chains
that hold back progress.
It’s time to address
that society has advanced
our knowledge enhanced
yet the syllabus remains the same.


It’s time for change
to diversify and decolonise
to answer your why’s
to address the matters
that matter
to you and yours, in your world.


With sails unfurled
set course to explore
so much more.
To rethink economics
diversify perspectives
providing a curriculum
for everyone
because we are both, completely different, and exactly the same.


It’s time for change
it’s time for you to contribute to solutions
to big problems and small problems, to revolutionise
the way we exist.


Teachers, lawyers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, journalists,
bankers, mothers, fathers, you might become this,
but start the path right here, by becoming an economist

Go to and find out more you didn’t know about economics