Reflective Blog: Mitie AGM and the Ethnicity Pay Gap

Author: Jake Furby

Date: 26/07/2023

July 25th was a significant day for me as I attended the Mitie AGM alongside ShareAction, advocating for responsible investment to address social and environmental issues. This was my first time attending a shareholder AGM and asking a question. My main focus was to raise questions about the Ethnicity Pay Gap and the importance of voluntary reporting in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.


The AGM began with a warm welcome, and I was encouraged to ask my question on behalf of ShareAction. I presented the stark realities of the Ethnicity Pay Gap, highlighting that minority ethnic workers in the UK are paid 13% less than their white counterparts, requiring them to work nearly an extra hour every day to earn the same amount. However, I was pleased to acknowledge that Mitie had voluntarily disclosed its Ethnicity Pay Gap for the past two years, which is commendable.


The board’s response was somewhat encouraging. They stated that they have improved significantly and are willing to meet with ShareAction to discuss the issue further. While they provided gender and ethnicity reporting by quartile and achieved a 1.1% differential, they hadn’t yet disaggregated the data according to the Office of National Statistics categories. However, they showed willingness to explore this further, and I hope they take the necessary steps to identify and close the gaps.


In conclusion, attending the Mitie AGM with ShareAction was an eye-opening experience. It reinforced my belief in the importance of voluntary ethnicity pay gap reporting to drive positive change and encourage responsible business practices. I am eager to continue our efforts in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion across companies, and I hope to see Mitie take further steps to address the Ethnicity Pay Gap in the future.


I would also like to thank Louise from ShareAction who supported me on the day!


Till next time,