Annual Report 2014-2015

Author: Friends Provident Charitable Foundation

Date: 21/02/2015

CHAIR’S INTRODUCTION Each year Friends Provident Foundation works hard to find fresh and effective ways to contribute to the changes we want to see happen. This year has been no exception as we continue our focus on Building Resilient Economies.


The Foundation funds projects that will contribute new thinking and evidence or test approaches to building an economy that is more resilient, sustainable and fairer than currently. In particular, we are pressing for change to the inadequate and short-term assumptions and behaviours in the financial system that became so painfully apparent during the crash of 2008.


It is heartening to receive grant applications that confirm there is a plethora of new ideas for tackling these issues. However, fundamental change is still needed in the broader economy. There is some concern that another crash may be building, and the United Kingdom is ill prepared to respond in a way that would not cause damage and fall-out across the economy, with further disadvantage to the poorest, most vulnerable and least resilient members of society.