Women at work – designing a company fit for the future

Author: Deborah Hargreaves

Date: 01/07/2019

As human beings, we all care for someone. Why does the workplace not recognise that and re-focus accordingly?


It increasingly feels as if we are forcing ourselves into a rigid structure that barely shifts to accommodate our needs. And there is a strong business case for this; a happier workforce is more productive.


This research feels very timely. The world is changing fast and we have an opportunity to put a human face on the world of work. With equal numbers of women at the top, we could shift the focus.


Working women, let’s launch a call to arms and start a movement to feminise the workplace. The alpha male approach to the economy has dominated for too long!

Deborah Hargreaves, Friends Provident Foundation Journalist Fellow

My conclusion that we need to put caring first and make work fit around it, rather than the other way around, strikes many people as radical. But to me it is just common sense and amazing that we think otherwise.


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