Annual Report 2015-2016

Author: Friends Provident Charitable Foundation

Date: 21/11/2016

CHAIR’S INTRODUCTION In 2016 Friends Provident Foundation launched a new strategy – to help create a ‘fairer economy, better world’. There are three ways in which the Foundation contributes to this through:


1. Giving grants.

2. The way we manage our investments.

3. Our power to convene and communicate.


To implement our strategy we have invested in new staffing, and Trustees are grateful to the staff – old and new – for helping the Foundation to increase our impact.


Very few funders focus on understanding and changing the nature of the economy. And yet the problems we face are urgent, including the casualisation of an increasing proportion of the workforce, major regional economic imbalances, and long-term environmental issues, such as climate change, that have the potential to impact on the economy. Therefore, Trustees took the decision this year that we will use our capital endowment, not just our income, to fund suitable quality projects…