A review of current thinking about the nature of work and economic resilience

Author: Professor Anne Green

Date: 14/02/2019

Projects funded by the Friends Provident Foundation contribute variously to proposing new solutions (innovation), gathering evidence to support and inform practice (intelligence), creating or maintaining key organisations that are important for building local economic resilience (institutions) and exploring or piloting ways of influencing corporate, regulatory or policy players (influencing).


They address issues such as tax, financial systems, institutional structures such as Local Economic Partnerships (LEPs), economic policy and achieving resilient local economies through achieving a better match with the needs of citizens.


The review is structured as follows. This first section provides an overview of key changes in the world of work and associated current debates as a precursor to a discussion of economic resilience and an outline of the Friends Provident Foundation programmeme on economic resilience.


The second section presents the main features of four key drivers shaping the future of work: technology, demography and society, economic and geopolitical factors and environmental/ green issues.


The third section explores the connectivity between the future of work and economic resilience and sets out a framework connecting the labour market and local economic resilience. The fourth section discusses implications for Friends Provident Foundation activity.


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