Moving beyond neoliberalism

Author: Laurie Laybourn-Langton and Michael Jacobs

Date: 20/11/2017

Neoliberalism – the set of socioeconomic ideas and policies which have dominated public life over the last 40 years – has failed.


Despite the evidence that neither its analyses nor its prescriptions have worked, neoliberalism remains the dominant perspective of most socioeconomic commentary and policy-making in the UK. It needs to be replaced by a more effective understanding of capitalism and new economic policy prescriptions. This report argues that now is the time to do this.


The report maps organisations and groups in the UK (and some beyond) seeking a change in the socioeconomic paradigm away from neoliberalism, assessing this movement from an overall strategic perspective.


The project was conducted between January and May 2017, with 27 interviews, and a review of over 40 organisations to examine theories and experience of socioeconomic change.