About our funding

Friends Provident Foundation’s grant giving programme aims to fund organisations and activities that support our vision of a fair and sustainable economy.

Our funding over 2022-24 will be focused on three main areas:

1. Supporting a strong and diverse movement for new economic thinking and acting in the UK


This movement challenges the structural problems that are embedded in our economy and works to envisage and create a new economic system that meets our social and environmental needs. This will include unrestricted core funding (invite only for organisation’s we have funded or collaborated with previously) and project funding (open to all).

2. Supporting ‘outsider voices’ in pushing for a fair transition to a 4D economy


This stream involves projects and programmes that support a fair transition to a future economy. The shift to a 4D economy will require a number of transitions – including shifts as a result of the drive to decarbonise, demographic change, technological shifts and more.


This strand of our funding will support work that seeks to adapt to these shifts mindfully, in a way that supports the fair creation of a 4D economy and so will prioritise activity that is led by or centres the voices of people who traditionally have not had the power to drive economic change at a local, regional or national levels.


This might include: young people, people with disabilities, Black and Brown people, people who are working class people, or who are otherwise economically marginalised, or people living in areas that lack power and voice in our economic systems.


Projects funded through this stream will focus on ensuring that the systemic changes our economy needs to go through are approached mindfully and deliberately with a focus on equity and justice.

3. CURRENTLY CLOSED – Transforming financial systems


Bringing about change in and through capital markets, financial system policy and regulation. This will fund research activities through commissioned grants only and is expected to open late 2024.


You can find out more about these streams in our programme document Building a 4D economy grants programme document 2022-2025.

Our funding types - We offer three main types of grants. Please note that your organisation can only hold one grant at a time.

1. Project funding


For work specifically focused on a particular project or activity, we offer project funding. This can include overhead costs (such as desk space, rent, utilities), related to the proposed work. Any organisation can apply for project support.

2. Core funding


Please note this is only available to organisations we have funded previously or which have a pre-existing relationship with the Foundation. Core funding is provided in support of an organisation’s vision and strategy and how it helps us meet our goals. This is usually unrestricted funding that can be used in pursuit of the organisation’s general mission.

3. Small grants programme


Specific support for under-resourced or newer entrants to economic systems change work to develop their ideas for a 4D economy with grants of up to £10,000.