An invitation to the ESG ‘investing olympics’

Author: FPF

Date: 03/03/2020

Three charities have invited asset managers to make proposals for the investment of £33.5 million in an initiative called the ESG ‘investing olympics’.  


The charities intend to invite shortlisted candidates to present at an event and to feature as best in sector in a ‘state of the sector’ report to share learning and signal to the market what emerging best practice and asset owner expectations look like.


You are invited to attend this selection event  where a shortlist of best in class investment managers will present proposals to deliver the highest possible social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. We know there will be trade-offs between different approaches, and would like your help to consider the proposals, question the investment managers, and help our Trustees to decide which proposal to choose.


This invite is open to asset owners who share our desire to create impact through their investments, including charities, churches, university endowments, and pensions. We also invite our stakeholders, including grant recipients with an interest in sustainable economics and finance. You are also welcome along just to learn from the event. The invite is not open to asset managers and related commercial services.


This is an opportunity to see what emerging best practice looks like across different investment approaches, from impact investment funds that seek out solutions to social and environmental challenges, to large responsible investment funds that move markets and transnational companies on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues via their engagement and stewardship.


Any asset managers or related commercial service providers who register to attend will be turned away at the door.

By running the ESG ‘investing olympics’, the charities hope to:

  • Bring investment management out of the shadows
  • Draw on the expertise of like-minded investors and grant recipients
  • Share learning on emerging best practice in the market
  • Send a market signal regarding asset owner demand for investment with purpose and expectations for social and environmental integration and impact