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It’s time to diversify economics to help reclaim it

Why does it appear that the economy is failing to meet humanity’s and our planet’s needs? This was a question we pondered as we began work on Rethinking Economics’ new book Reclaiming Economics for Future Generations. It focuses on the need to diversify, decolonise and democratise economics to help address global crises that we face, such as poverty, inequality and the climate crisis.

Time for a Carer’s Passport

Carers in the workplace should be provided with a ‘carer’s passport’ says our journalist fellow …

Women at work – designing a company fit for the future

If women could re-imagine the way they work and how the business is run, what would they do?

Women at work: designing a company fit for the future

Working patterns and career structures have been set up by men to suit male needs and have changed little over the years