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All working towards reforming UK grant-making

Reform that resets the power balance between funders, charities and communities. And reform that reduces wasted time, effort and stress for all those involved. 10 organisations and initiatives are working together towards reform in complementary ways, including the Foundation Practice Rating a project we initiated and manage:

It’s time to diversify economics to help reclaim it

Why does it appear that the economy is failing to meet humanity’s and our planet’s needs? This was a question we pondered as we began work on Rethinking Economics’ new book Reclaiming Economics for Future Generations. It focuses on the need to diversify, decolonise and democratise economics to help address global crises that we face, such as poverty, inequality and the climate crisis.

It is time to end greenwashing in asset management

We are pleased to join 24 other asset owners as a founding signatory to the ‘COP26 declaration: asset owner climate expectations of asset management’. Together we are drawing a line on greenwashing in asset management.

Programme Advisory Group – Reflections by Dan Jones

I’m lucky enough to be involved in lots of interesting things, working with smart people on issues that really matter. The Programme Advisory Group for Friends Provident Foundation is one of my favourites. The other members of the group bring deep expertise on sustainability and how the economy could work bette