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Wellbeing Economy Alliance (Scotland) – Wellbeing Economy Allies Network

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Awarded on:01/10/2020

Duration:2 Years


Area of interest

Systems change

Themes covered

New economics

The coronavirus crisis has made the need to transform the economy more urgent. The desire to explore and create a wellbeing economy in Scotland is clear and presents a window of opportunity to explore what our society really needs to thrive and to promote practical, achievable solutions.

Many of the component parts of the new economic system already exist, but they are fragmented, under-resourced and fragile. Without concerted effort to mobilise a diverse suite of organisations in promotion and practice of a wellbeing economy, the voices demanding a return to business as usual will drown out those calling for economic system change. By enabling engagement in new conversations about the possibility of a different economic system, coordinating co-creation of structural reform, and ensuring that those organisations with potential to embody change are nurtured and supported, the building of a wellbeing economy will be accelerated.

What will the project try to achieve?
A wellbeing economy is an economic system purpose-built to deliver social justice on a healthy planet. It means allowing humanity to determine economics – not the other way around.

This project aims to create a change network of allies from across Scotland who can help to collectively deliver and promote the feasibility and desirability of transition to a wellbeing economy. The allies will collaborate in various activities to support both practice and policy changes.

It will establish strong interconnectivity between organisations that have a key role to play in promoting a wellbeing economy, building their ‘wellbeing economy muscles’ to increase their reach and ensure they have an impact – from local communities to government to the board room. In amplifying their work, facilitating collaboration, and connecting them to those in power, it will accelerate the impact as they collectively drive the creation of a wellbeing economy in Scotland.

In the long-term, the project will inspire action and change processes to ensure that economic recovery plans keep to the current high level of ambition. It will push for systemic changes at local and national levels that will have an impact far beyond the lifetime of the project. The ultimate aim is to change the culture and expectations of the economy in Scotland, which will truly be transformational.

Who might be interested in this project?
Policy-makers both locally and nationally, businesses, community organisations, social & environmental movements, trade unions, students, academics, research institutes, media commentators, citizens and representative organisations