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Trade Justice Movement – Building a UK movement for trade deals that support climate goals

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Awarded on:05/10/2020

Duration:2 Years


Area of interest

Systems change

Trade is an important part of UK industrial strategy and can benefit ordinary people. It allows us to access things that are not available in the UK, including food, medicines and raw materials. However, as currently configured, trade rules pose a significant barrier to achieving climate and environmental goals.

As the UK regains competence for trade deals after Brexit, the Government has a unique opportunity to develop a better approach. But unless we put pressure on the Government to change course, the signs are that they will use existing models, leaving us with trade deals that could undermine our climate efforts for years.

What will the project try to achieve?

This project will make an important contribution to ensuring that UK trade deals are aligned with our domestic and international commitments on climate change and the environment. TJM will change the debate on trade so that tackling climate change and protecting the environment is at its heart.

TJM will strengthen civil society organisation’s understanding of the impacts of trade policy on climate and environmental goals, build a strong alliance of diverse stakeholders excited about advocating for a climate-friendly trade model and influence politicians, the media, civil servants and ultimately the Government to support our vision of a low-carbon alternative.

Who might be interested in this project?
National and regional politicians, trade unions, civil society organisations, social justice organisations, think tanks, government officials, business groups