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The potential for money to be created for the common good: Positive Money

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Awarded on:01/09/2013


Area of interest

Systems change

The work aims to develop Positive Money’s proposals for money to be created for the common good and to increase understanding across civil society about the negative consequences of the way money is created by the banking system, and how it could be different.

What is the issue?

Since 2008 economists, politicians, and commentators have been trying to make sense of the crisis and get the economy going again. Monetary policy has been to keep interest rates low in order to encourage more borrowing, and then to inject newly created money, via quantitative easing, from the Bank of England into financial markets. Neither of these policy instruments has succeeded in getting the economy out of a recession.

What will the project try to achieve?

The organisation will aim to expand the discussion about how our current money system works and start a discussion about what are the unconventional monetary policy options available. The organisation will try to achieve this through creating a forum for discussing these issues starting with a series of roundtables and workshops.

Who might be interested in this project?

Civil society organisations working in economic justice, policy makers, and economists from the finance sector and academia.

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