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The Ethex Investment Club Ltd

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Awarded on:01/06/2014


Area of interest

The right use of money

Ethex aims to expand the retail market for social investment, the only one to do so for the full range of investments available in the marketplace.

What is the issue?

A growing number of individuals are interested to invest positively, for social and environmental returns as well as financial. With grant money now harder to find, this can be an important source of finance for charities and social enterprises. However, as yet no properly functioning marketplace exists in which anyone can browse choose and compare the full range of positive investments, invest directly, and can build their own positive investment portfolio.

What will the project try to achieve?

Ethex plays a crucial and pioneering role in the social investment marketplace. It aims to:

  • Broaden out the market for social investment beyond a limited number of investment institutions and foundations to the general public.
  • Build a not for profit exchange for both primary and secondary trading of social investments as an alternative to the commercial exchanges.
  • Raise the profile of investing for positive social and environmental benefit with a wide public audience.
  • Develop a common standard and expectation for positive investment returns and reporting.

Ethex makes positive investment easy to understand and easy to do.

Who might be interested in this project?

The project is of interest to individuals who have not previously had the opportunity to make positive investments. It is also valuable to professional organisations in the social investment sector who want to understand how they grow the sector, most particularly with a retail audience.


Please note that this project was funded under our broader Right Use of Money theme rather than as a Resilient Economies project.

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