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Ten Year UBI Acceleration Plan: Compass

Grant details


Awarded on:13/06/2017

Duration:1 year


Area of interest

Systems change

This project seeks to establish an economic model for a gradual introduction of a Universal Basic Income (UBI) over a ten year period.

What is the issue?

The issue is how society can build a more secure income for all in a world where work is becoming more precarious.  Can a Universal Basic Income (UBI) eventually be paid at a rate which does indeed cover most or all of the basic costs of living?

What will the project try to achieve?

The project seeks to establish an economic model which shows how, over a ten year period, an entry level UBI could be accelerated to a full or near full scheme, what are the stages/phases to get there, how could it be adjusted to mitigate against unwelcome consequences and how might it be funded.

Who might be interested in the project?

The project will be of interest to politicians, civil servants, local government, academics and think tanks, economic and political media plus equality campaigners and activists.