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Support for the development of JustMoney Movement core activities

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Awarded on:01/11/2016


Area of interest

The right use of money

Friends Provident Foundation has supported JustMoney Movement to research, establish and develop the Ethical Money Churches network. There are now significant opportunities to develop and take this work forward within JustMoney Movement’s core activities.

What is the issue?

There is no other organisation with the broad support of the faith community that is seeking to make boards and institutional investors more accountable for issues of responsible stewardship – economic justice, human rights, climate change and to make them accountable to current and future savers and investors. Too many savers and investors are unaware of how to make their ethical concerns known, and of how to make corporate boards behave responsibly in the long term.

What will the project try to achieve?

The project will extend the capacity of JustMoney Movement to speak truth too, and to hold accountable, those who hold economic power but who are not accountable to an electorate. The organisation will develop its role in influencing such matters through informing, inspiring and empowering individuals and congregations at local and regional levels to drive change themselves and to initiate partnerships with other groups involved with bringing systemic change.

Who might be interested in this project?

Faith groups, faith-based investors, religious communities and orders, non-governmental organisations, ethical investment managers, committed individuals and progressive business leaders.

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