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ShareAction: Core Funding

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Awarded on:12/06/2018

Duration:24 months


Area of interest

Systems change

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Systems change

The financial system and the real economy often feel like separate entities. Savers are disconnected from their savings and the potential influence they hold.

Incentives and routine practice in the financial system are keyed to reward short termism as against long-term sustainable activity.

What ShareAction seek to do
The organisation will produce high quality influential research that defines and advances Responsible Investment (RI); deliver rankings and benchmarkings which allow for comparison of ESG performances across industry and serve to drive up standards; connect pension savers with their schemes to make pensions funds more accountable and long-term focused; push for policy regulation change to support RI, including specific proposals for decision makers; and keep ESG issues on the agenda at company annual general meetings through organising and facilitating AGM activism. The organisation aims to build the movement for responsible investment(RI) by reaching out to and mobilising more pension savers to engage their scheme and get personally invested in RI.

Who might be interested in this work.
ShareAction’s long-standing relationships with the UK’s largest asset managers and pension funds gives the organisation real influence over their behaviour and they are engaged with and interested in the organisation’s continuing work and provision of both research and engagement tools.

ShareAction’s networks of pension savers and AGM activists are also deeply invested in the organisation’s work and continuing success in driving standards upward across the industry. The organisation hopes to capture the interest and support of new savers and potential activists not yet reached by expanding the scope of communications and trailing new means of catching attention, support and engagement.