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Resilient Economies Journalist Fellowship

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Awarded on:01/09/2015


Area of interest

Systems change

Friends Provident Foundation launched this fellowship to encourage journalists to engage in our objective – to build more resilient economies by producing accessible output on key Foundation themes.

What is the issue?

One interpretation of how new economic thinking is received in our society suggests that the general level of understanding amongst journalists and the public of economics is very low. Journalists are key thought leaders in our society. However, observers suggest that a frequent response journalists have to things they do not understand is to attack them; this is a safer position than to support them, as they may be asked to explain why. It is much easier to pick holes in things than to enthusiastically embrace new ideas.

What will the project try to achieve?

Trustees wish to create a journalist fellowship in order to:

  • To elicit interest amongst journalist in the work of the Foundation, even if they do not apply; (a short term aim)
  • To increase economic literacy/ confidence amongst journalists about economics; (long term aim)
  • To facilitate the publication of some accessible and interesting books on topics of concern to us; (short term)
  • To encourage links to grants we have funded and investments we have made as the book develops; (short term)
  • To create some journalists friendly to the Foundation for the (long-term).

Who might be interested in this project?

  • Journalists
  • Economists
  • the general public

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