Power for People – The Community Energy Revolution: the campaign for the Local Electricity Bill (2)

You want to buy locally baked bread? You can. You want to buy locally brewed beer? You can. You want to buy locally generated renewable energy? You can’t.

Categories: – Green New Deal Rising Leadership Programme

A Green New Deal in the UK must not fundamentally fall short for the most marginalised – youth, the working class, and BIPOC communities. Only with a diverse, intersectional, people-powered climate leadership movement, will we be able to press for the fundamental change we need. Youth will lead the way.


Centre for London – Community wealth and asset approaches for London

Exploring how community wealth and local asset approaches can work in a city like London


The Financial Inclusion Centre – The devil is in the policy detail

In 2020 Friends Provident Foundation supported the Financial Inclusion Centre to publish research into sustainable socially responsible and impact (SRI) finance regulation in the UK. The end report highlighted a number of possible policy actions. This follow on project will explore some of those policy options in more depth.