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Influence Map – Enabling ambitious sustainable finance policy in the UK and EU

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Awarded on:12/03/2019

Duration:12 months


Area of interest

Systems change

Themes covered


The financial system is failing to direct the necessary capital towards addressing the most pressing, global environmental and social risks, whilst at the same time continuing to fuel destructive practices counter to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Regulatory innovation in this area is critical to overcoming these problems but developments at the UK and EU levels in recent years have risked stalling or being watered down due to inertia and oppositional lobbying from powerful vested interests in finance and business. Their influence over government policy is immense globally and support of, rather than opposition to, reform is essential. Whilst the active opposition and blockage remains, the impacts of the sustainable finance regulatory measures will not be felt and crucial climate finance targets not met.

What will the project try to achieve?

The organisation will assess, score and rank the 50 largest financial companies active in Europe, along with key finance and business trade groups active in advocacy on sustainable finance policy. We will develop a dynamic online platform, to be continuously updated, from which compelling content may be derived and pushed through our partners to support positive change, forming the basis of a multi-year campaign to transition the finance sector towards active support for progressive regulatory reform on sustainable finance by challenging and removing vested interest blockages.

Who might be interested in this project

Progressive business, policymakers, shareholders of the financial sector, the media and campaigning organisations will be interested in utilising our data to amplify their voices