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Democratising Pensions: ShareAction

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Awarded on:01/12/2013


Area of interest

Systems change

The aim of the Fairshare Educational Foundation (operating as ShareAction) is to achieve the introduction of: (a) policy measures to make UK pension providers long-term orientated, socially responsible and more accountable to savers and (b) best practice by pension providers on the substance and reporting of responsible investment.

What is the issue?

Institutional investors are not accountable to pension savers. Pension savers’ rights to information are very limited, creating a vicious circle of disengagement. As millions more savers, many of them young and from low income backgrounds, join the pensions market through automatic enrolment, now id the right time to build a more accountable system which has a positive impact on people’s lives.

What will the project to try to achieve?

ShareAction’s vision is that pension savers have a positive stake in the economy and a voice in how businesses are run. The organisation wants to see capital markets promote responsible, long-term corporate behaviour, and become answerable to savers. This new reality must be built over time: by policymakers; by institutional investors committing to transparency and accountability; and by civil society organisations supporting people to demand more from the pensions sector.

Who might be interested in this project?

Investors and pension fund professionals interested in Responsible Investment, civil society organisations working for economic justice, policy makers and financial sector regulators.

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