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Community Energy Legal Toolkit: Pure Leapfrog

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Awarded on:01/04/2015


Area of interest

Local economic resilience

Pure Leapfrog are developing a centralised licensing platform to enable community energy groups to access standardised and affordable legal and financial templates. This will accelerate the delivery of hundreds of projects by reducing their cost and complexity.

What is the issue?

In the community energy sector there is a large demand for the development of template and model documents to support the completion of community energy projects. Community energy groups often spend money on professional advice to create documents that have been created elsewhere, an action that is a waste of valuable time, resources, and capital.

What will the project try to achieve?

Pure Leapfrog will develop a toolkit containing a series of resource packs comprising standardized documents, including legal guidance notes and template contracts. The models will be released to community energy groups via a licensing platform to ensure support exists for the groups and projects, and that the sector can feel confident that they are using up to date knowledge and best practices for all types of projects.

Who might be interested in this project?

A recent survey of community energy groups indicated serious immediate interest in this type of toolkit. All sides within the sector, from community partners to professional service firms have indicated the need of standardization for the sector. This project aims to reduce the barriers to entry for anyone interested in community energy.

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