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Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) – Behavioural insights and market design: a wider toolkit to tackle inequality

Grant details


Awarded on:01/12/2019

Duration:6 months


Area of interest

Systems change

Markets are powerful but don’t always deliver the best outcomes for society as a whole, nor distribute outcomes equitably. Over time, this can undermine the political sustainability of the market system as people lose faith in the ability of markets to deliver for most consumers and citizens. Taking a behavioural insights approach to economic policy can open up new ways of tackling long-standing economic problems.

What the project will try to achieve

BIT will write an extended outline report on ‘behavioural insights and market design’. The outline will form the basis for a fuller report or set of papers.

Who might be interested in this project?
The output of this project will be an outline report which will form the basis of a fuller report or set of papers. BIT expect that UK economic policy makers will be a key audience for this (in particular, HM Treasury, BEIS, Bank of England), as well as wider commentators and public policy researcher focused on economic policy