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B Labs UK-Be the Change powered by B Lab

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Awarded on:11/09/2018

Duration:36 months


Area of interest

The right use of money

Over the last three years, the amount and range of interest in the B Corp movement has grown. B Lab UK has a moment now to work with other like minded organisations, to get their message out about a new form of capitalism – an inclusive one, that works for all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

B ON YOUR WAY seizes this moment : by helping B Lab UK work with other organisations whose vision is for a new form of capitalism that works for all. It helps B Lab UK with extra capacity to build partnerships, and to create a variety of access points for companies to connect with the B Corporation tools and techniques to measure and manage their impact.

What will the project try to achieve?

The key aims of B ON YOUR WAY are to inspire businesses to be the full force for good that they have the potential to be. To do this, B Lab UK will seek to:
• Create partnerships with other bodies working with businesses to create an inclusive economy
• Deliver campaigns and themed events around key issues that businesses face but which society needs them to address
• Generate compelling multimedia case studies and materials for others to replicate and adapt.

Who might be interested in the project?

Companies interested in measuring their social and environmental impact, companies interested in B Corp certification; organisations who are committed to seeing a fairer inclusive economy across the UK, and Mayors (or local authorities) that are interested in using the B Corp methodology to assess and improve the impact that local businesses are playing on the local economy, society and environment. Academics and think tanks are also likely to be interested in the agenda and outcomes of B ON YOUR WAY.