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Arkbound Foundation – COP26 systems change not climate collapse

Grant details


Awarded on:01/07/2021

Duration:6 months


Area of interest

Systems change

Themes covered

Community resilience

In the run up to COP26 this November a lot of attention is focusing on the climate change debate and what needs to be done to tackle it. But which voices are being heard within that debate, and how can we get people to really plan for a better future if they just can't imagine what it might look like?

What is the issue?

For climate change, there is both a sparsity in accounts presenting alternative economic models and also the authors presenting such accounts are from similar backgrounds (white, male and based in the global north). This causes important issues to be overlooked and for those who face disproportionate impacts from climate change to be under-represented.

What will the project try to achieve?

The organisation will collate a series of accounts by authors from diverse backgrounds, notably female authors in the global south, who explore practical models and case studies on alternative economic models that can address the climate emergency. Placing these accounts in an accessible book, made available before and around the COP6 – with linked podcasts, videos and events – the Arkbound Foundation will shed a light on areas that would otherwise be uncovered, whilst giving a platform to people who would be excluded from the mainstream climate change narrative.

Who might be interested in this project?

Those interested in addressing climate change, by implementing and exploring alternative economic models; similarly, those interested in ways we can make an economy work for the benefit of society, in a way that does not exploit the environment or people.