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For Applicants

How much can I apply for?

If I have applied to you and been rejected, when can I apply again?

Can I apply for core funding?

Can I hold more than one grant with you at a time?

Can I apply if I don't have a set of audited accounts?

Do you require match funding?

Do you cover core costs?

Can I talk to you about my project idea before I submit?

Do you fund organisations from outside the UK?

Can I send you extra supporting documents?

How much can I apply for

If I am successful how soon can I start and how do you pay grantees?

What should I do if I am unhappy with how my application or grant is handled?

I'm applying for a CIC/Company Ltd by Guarantee/Company Ltd by Shares etc - can I apply?

I'm applying for a non-constituted organisation - can I apply?

When indicating how far my project touches the 4Ds - does my project have to have an impact on all of them?

Can I apply for new funding while my current grant is still running?

For Grantholders

What is the payment schedule for?

How do we make a claim?

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