How to Apply

We hope you’ll find the grant application process to be straightforward and transparent. This page has been created to help you on your journey.


Process, timescales and deadlines

We use a two stage application process. This means we ask for some basic information to make sure your application feels like a good fit before asking you to commit to a full application. Find out more about what the whole process entails via the button below.


Main Grant application guide

1. We ask you to submit a Stage One Application, where you just need to introduce yourself, your project, and explain how it aligns with our funding programme’s goals. If it resonates with our objectives, we’ll invite you to submit a Stage Two Application. This preliminary step is designed to save you the time and effort of crafting a full application.


2. Our team will review your Stage One Application and let you know whether you’re eligible to fill out a Stage Two Application or not. We aim to respond to all Stage One Applications within 3 months.


3. If you’re successful, we’ll send you an invitation to complete a Stage Two Application. You’ll usually have 5-6 weeks to complete it.

4. Our internal team, sometimes with the help of an external assessor, will review your application and submit their recommendations to our board of trustees.


5. Final approval lies with our trustees, who meet four times a year to give their opinion on funding applications. These meetings usually take place in the first two weeks of March, June, September and December. This means the application process can take up to approximately 6 months.


Guidance on how to apply

Main grants programme


Our two stage process allows you to submit an idea and test it with us without having to submit a full stage two application. You can find guidance on how to do this here . Please review this carefully before submitting an application.


Stage One Applications


The Stage One application is your opportunity to describe who you are, what you want to do, and why. Make it clear how your work would make a contribution towards the aim of our funding programme.


Once we have reviewed your stage 1 application, it will either be declined or you will be invited to submit a full stage two application. Once this has been received we will set up a meeting with you to chat through your ideas.


Full second stage applications


These applications are by invitation only. If you are invited to do this and need more information please read here.


Small grants applicants


You only need to complete one form. If we have any questions about your application we’ll give you a call to talk them through. You can find guidance on how to do this here.


Sample application form


We know that some people find it helpful to be able to see the form before they fill it in. You can download a word copy of the stage one application form here and a copy of the small grants form here. Please note this is for reference only – applications must be submitted using our online form unless we have agreed another method with you.