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How to claim your funds

At the start of your grant you will agree a payment schedule with your grant manager. This will tell us when you intend to claim your grant funding from us and by how much. We understand that this is likely to vary and ask that you revise these schedules if the nature of your spend – in time or value – varies significantly.

Please note that the monthly invoice submission deadline is the 20th of the month (e.g. if you are seeking payment by the end of March your invoice will need to reach us by 20 March at the latest)

For grants awarded before September 2022.
Please be aware that payments are made in arrears, advance payments will only be made in exceptional circumstances.

When you are ready to make a claim please send your invoice to [email protected]  copying in your grant manager. Your invoice should be clearly marked with your bank details, your organisation name and the project title, which should match the title you gave us when you applied

You must also send us a back-up sheet outlining what you spent and how this compares to your original budget. Any variance from budget of over 15% should be explained. You can find guidance on how to do this in the Information for Grantholders booklet given to you at the start of your grant.

For grants awarded after September 2022.
When you are ready to make a claim please send an invoice to [email protected]. Your invoice should be clearly marked with your bank details, your organisation name and project title.
Payments will be made quarterly in advance. At the end of each quarter we will ask you to reconcile your spend before you submit another payment request.

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