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What we fund

Our economy doesn’t work for too many people and for our planet. We want to use our grants programme to support people, organisations and networks who can help us change that.

The economy was created by people and is something that we can change. We want to work with our grantholders to build an economy that works for everyone. When thinking about what that might look like we have developed the idea of a 4D Economy and we want to fund action that will help us find a fair way to get there.

We are looking for applications that:

  • Develop ideas and action that will help us transition to a 4D economy
  • Think about how to make this change in a fair way – that considers the needs of those most likely to be affected by changes to the economy
  • Get to the root causes of problems in the economy
  • Understands the system that you’re trying to change and your place in it.

When looking at applications we are thinking about:

  • How well they fit with our programme
  • How clear and convincing a story they tell about their vision for a new economy and how their work would help to build it
  • How big a difference their work could make and how likely it is that change will happen as a result of it
  • Whether others could replicate or learn from this work
  • How well they have explained how their work fits into the system they’re trying to change
  • How they work in collaboration with others
  • How far they consider and involve communities most impacted by this change.

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