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Are we the right funder for you?

Our focus is very specific, so please read through the information on these pages carefully before making an application.

We are a small funder and can’t fund most of the applications that we receive. Last year only 14% of stage one applications were invited to stage two. At stage two just under 45% were funded.

To increase your chances of success before you start to complete your application we suggest you:

1. Read our strategy pages and our Building a 4D economy grants programme document 2022-2025 to get a clear sense of what we want to achieve through our grants programme

2. Have a look at our pages on what we fund, what we don’t fund and our FAQs

3. Try our quiz – to see if your organisation and idea sounds like something that we might be able to fund

4. Speak to us – if you have any questions you can email us or book a meeting with a member of the team.

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