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Remodelling Capitalism: how social wealth funds could transform Britain

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Thursday 10th May 2018

6:00 pm

The Foundry 17 Oval Way, London SE11 5RR

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The launch of a new report on how social wealth funds – collectively owned investment vehicles with social aims – could transform Britain, took place in London on 10 May 2018.

Report authors Steve Schifferes, Stewart Lansley, and Duncan McCann  presented their findings on how these new instruments could tackle key issues such as poverty, housing, the NHS and social care. This was followed by comments from Lord McPherson, former Permanent Secretary of the Treasury, and Caroline Slocock, director of Civil Exchange.

You can view the presentation from the event here

The report, funded by Friends Provident Foundation, is available here on our website and in hard copy from [email protected]