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As a charitable foundation that aims to reform the economy, we are struck by the barriers that some people still face in the UK, such as racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and other types of discrimination. The experiences of diverse people who are traditionally not present in positions of power have been amplified by the social movements that have gained momentum over the years, for example, Black Lives Matter, Equal Pay, Disability and LGBTQ+ rights. Therefore, with our partners, we created the Foundation Practice Rating which aims to assess foundation practices in relation to accountability, transparency and diversity.

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Barrow Cadbury – Fair by Design
FPF are supporting this cross-funder coalition to campaign against the poverty premium, the extra costs of being poorer. Poverty premiums are a social injustice and are both a consequence and driver of poverty.

Ethnicity Pay Gap

ShareAction – Ethnicity Pay Gap
ShareAction has launched a programme to lift the standard for Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting in the FTSE 100. We fully support this campaign.

We are proud to be a Living Wage Employer, accredited with the Living Wage Foundation. (This is different from the UK Government’s ‘national living wage’, which is a compulsory minimum wage premium for all staff aged over 25).

We also want to make sure our grant and investment support is part of the solution to issues around fair pay and reducing wage inequality and so we have, in addition, become an accredited Living Wage Funder.

We therefore require that organisations we work with pay at least the Living Wage on any staff posts wholly or partially (and directly or indirectly) supported by us, unless we can agree that there are good reasons for this not to happen. We also support them to become Living Wage Employers themselves – and hence commit to pay the Living Wage on all of their directly employed and contracted staff posts.