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Opportunity Alert! Join us in reshaping the economic landscape! The Foundation is on the hunt for a dynamic agency to conduct interviews exploring the economic system and identifying areas for change.

Bellweather Interview Brief

Living Wage

We are proud to be a Living Wage employer. Find out more about the living wage here.


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We are a Living Wage employer.


Our approach to recruitment 

Thank you for your interest in joining Friends Provident Foundation. We are committed to recruiting a diverse and highly-talented workforce as we continue to disrupt and aim to create a fairer and more sustainable economic system.

In particular, we have a duty to ensure that you and everyone else who applies to us is not discriminated against in any way. We aim to be open, fair and objective throughout the recruitment journey. That’s why we’ve designed our recruitment process to put you at your ease, make you feel welcome and bring the best out of you. We will do all we can to make our recruitment process as fair as possible.

We are keen to recruit people who have experienced economic inequality and have the skills and values to support an effective team working on delivering our programme.

Our recruitment process is anonymised.

All recruiting staff are also trained on unconscious bias. This ensures optimum fairness in our recruitment process throughout.

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