Paul Blyth

Paul has been working in ESG/ Impact Investment since 2007 when he helped to launch the world’s first impact investment brokerage on behalf of eBay/ PayPal Inc.

He returned to Europe as General Partner of Finethic (an impact investment manager for pension funds that has invested c. $1bn since inception); whilst with Finethic, he co-published research on pension fund attitudes to impact investment link. In 2016 he created Snowball – an award-winning boutique Impact Investment manager whose Mission is to make Impact Investment the new normal for all investors. In 2020 he was part of the team behind the ground-breaking ESG Olympics link. More recently he has been working with asset owners, asset managers, and their service providers on Investment policy, strategy, asset allocation, and impact; including co-publishing a well-received case study on how a UK charitable trust aligned their investment capital with Mission link. Paul is Chair of the Financial Inclusion Forum, board member of the Church Investors Group, Impact Investment advisor to Protestantse Kerk in Nederland, and a member of the Investment Committee at the Friends Provident Foundation.

Prior to 2007, Paul worked as an auditor and management consultant with PwC, and in various commercial finance roles in logistics, advertising, and retail.