Our history

Friends Provident Foundation was established following the demutualisation of Friends’ Provident Life Office in 2001 and the flotation of Friends Provident plc. Find out how our history and heritage have shaped the way we work.

Friends Provident Foundation began life as an independent charity endowed by Friends Provident plc in 2004 from unclaimed shares.


Among our first board of trustees were a number of the Quaker members of the Friends Provident board that shared a commitment to making a difference. Since 2004, we’ve pioneered funding work to address market failure and disharmony in society to creation of fair economy for a better world. Already, we’ve helped improve access to financial services for people who were once excluded, and supported the development of resilient economic communities across the UK.


Our history has shaped who we are and what we do.

Ethical funds

Like many trusts, our focus reflects our heritage arising from our donor company being the creator of one of the first ethical funds in the UK.


Financial innovation


Our approach also reflects our tradition of financial innovation – we have had a social investment policy since 2006 and can commit up to 10% of our assets to high impact investing. As a small trust, we have tried to ensure we used all of our resources in pursuit of social good. The rest of our funds have been invested in ethical bonds and equity funds, both UK and global – the success of which is reflected in the growth of our endowed funds from £20 million to £33 million over the past decade.


Quaker values


Our Quaker legacy and values have influenced our ethos – a belief in equality and justice, striving for fair dealing, truth and integrity, community and stewardship of the Earth underpins all we do.