Our role

We recognise our role in addressing the climate emergency and inequalities, together with the power we have to influence and change thinking, policy and practice.

A white background, with a hand holding a pen, with the words Know Your Role


We have committed to:

  • Ensuring that all of our activities are framed through our climate emergency declaration
  • That our activities also challenge society’s justice inequities (prejudice and discrimination that blight economic outcomes based on disability, gender, race, class or other protected characteristics)
  • Recognising the role we can play in challenging ourselves and our sector to do philanthropy better – pushing for greater accountability and transparency in what and how the sector funds.

We take a ‘whole endowment’ approach -recognising that our wealth has an impact and it is down to us to determine what that impact is.

A venn diagram with intersecting circles with the words Grants, Using our endowment, and Communicating and convening

We use grants, investments, shareholder activism, communications, collaboration, influencing, events and creating a movement to disrupt and challenge the current economic status quo and increase diversity of thought and practice.

And how we also focus on how we operate as an institution seeking to operate with humility, transparency and accountability and embody the changes we want to see in our operations and practice.