Salary and Benefits Review 2023

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Salary and Benefits Review 2023 Tender

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Salary and Benefits Review 2023

We are seeking a highly proficient, creative and professional agency, capable of aligning our pay and benefits strategy with our mission and values while ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

We want a comprehensive overhaul of our current pay and benefits structure, including an assessment of job content, size, span, and a thorough analysis of pay elements in comparison to external benchmarks.

We want a bespoke menu of pay and benefits elements. These offerings should be pioneering and designed to cater to the distinct needs of our staff and trustees, ensuring they feel truly valued through their remuneration packages.

The project will help us to identify any anomalies or inequalities in our current pay structure and provide us with visionary recommendations to foster a more equitable workplace.

This should set us apart, by establishing unique external comparators for future reviews, ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry standards. If this sounds like you please download the tender pack for more details.


Deadline for applications: 31/10/2023