Friends Provident Foundation Seeking Learning Partner for 2024-2028

Author: Friends Provident Foundation

Date: 23/05/2024

Friends Provident Foundation is looking to engage a learning partner to support us to reflect on our work and its impact and to enable us to learn and adapt in an iterative way. 


We are aiming to develop an embedded evaluation approach which we believe will better suit the longer-term systemic change programme that we undertake than a standard evaluation model. This requires a partner to walk and learn alongside us during the course of our next strategic period to fully absorb the nuances and complexities of the work and how it can be effectively assessed, as well as pulling together those insights and reflections at the end of the 3-year period. 


Our work aims to seek out and support activities and ideas pushing for changes in our economic system to make it fair and sustainable. We do this through grants and social investments. At the same time our own activities aim to raise standards and challenge behaviours from within the system itself, recognising the role we play as an asset holder. We do this through our communications, partnerships and investment engagement activity. By systemic change we mean work pushing at how structures operate, behaviours of key economic players, challenges to how the economy is thought and spoken about. We do not prioritise work to alleviate more immediate problems caused by the economic system. 


For more information on the role, budget and for information on how to apply please see:


‘Learning Partner – Invitation to Tender’


The deadline to submit a formal application is 5pm on Friday 21 June.