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Grants / Projects we are funding – Green New Deal Rising Leadership Programme

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Awarded on:14/09/2021

Duration:1 year


Area of interest

Systems change

Themes covered


A Green New Deal in the UK must not fundamentally fall short for the most marginalised - youth, the working class, and BIPOC communities. And, our shared understanding of what a good green job is must be broadened beyond a simplistic vision of a coal worker being retrained for a job in the renewable energy sector, and embrace the caring economy. Only with a diverse, intersectional, people-powered climate leadership movement, will we be able to press for the fundamental change we need. Youth will lead the way. UK will:

• Increase the number of new climate leaders that are youth, working class and BIPOC
• Ensure that these new climate leaders are well trained, linked, networked and supported
• Provide the organising and movement support that climate leaders will need to conceptualise, deploy and execute creative, dynamic, disruptive, ambitious actions that will push the UK government in the direction we want it to go
• Propel forward popular understanding and embrace of a more expansive definition of Green Jobs, effectively shifting the public narrative calling for a caring economy

Who might be interested in this project?

We anticipate that many sectors will be interested in this work, including other philanthropic foundations seeking to invest in transformational change, organizations committed to intersectional and systems change that will build back a better UK society, youth, workers, BIPOC communities and the community of climate change leaders across the UK.